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  • All FAA approved Commercial Licenses. 
  • Twin Engine Rating.
  • Combined 8000 plus hours of Aerial Application Experience.   
  • Department Of Environmental Pesticide Applicator Certified. 
  • DEC Aerial applicator category Licensing. 
  • Owner holds a Bachelors of Science in Forest Biology, Minor in Wildlife, and an emphasis in Entomology.


  • FAA Part 137 operator’s certification for “Commercial Agricultural Aircraft Operations” USAIG insured Chemical /Public Liability meeting or exceeding all State Limits. 
  • Meets DEC and New York State Health Department licensing criteria.


  • FAA approved for populated (“Congested Area”) operations. 
  • All Twin Engine Aircraft meet and exceed all FAA standards for Aerial Application. 
  • Agricultural Operation Certificates carried on board. 
  • Meet or exceed all Aircraft Manufacturers/ FAA maintenance requirements.

Spray System: 

  • Micromist 900 spray system Developed by Duflo Aerospray Systems Inc.  
  • Has earned Supplemental Type Certification (STC’d) by FAA. 
  • Meets or exceeds DEC, NYSDOH, USFS, and FAA operating requirements. 
  • Requirements include Spray output, Droplet characterization, and Digital in flight recording of all spray operations.




Spray System



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