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  What We Need & Why?

     Our airplanes are equipped with touch-screen Ag-Nav Spray Computers that allow us to digitally overlay spray areas onto the surface of the earth with an accuracy of one foot, as well as tell our clients exactly how many acres they have to potentially spray within an accuracy of one-tenth of an acre.  This software not only allows us to see where we need to spray, but any obstacles or areas of exclusions all the way down to an article roughly the size of a common pick-up truck can be avoided. With this highly effective software we can thus prove where we have/have not sprayed as it fills in the sprayed area.  Due to this technology we need to know the boundaries of the spray area(s) via Longitude and Latitude so that we can digitze your information and convert it to a format that the airplanes can process.

How To Get Coordinates & Send?

    There are many ways that you can go about getting the proper coordinates for your spray area(s). 

  • If you are a private party and are familiar with your property the easiest way to get your coordinates is from Google Earth.  Google Earth is a small application that can be installed onto your computer and can be found here.

For Google Earth Beginners...

     Once you have Google Earth Installed you can enter your property address into the "Fly To:" window and then move the cursor around your property.  Wherever you place your cursor you can get the longitude and latitude of that location at the bottom of the screen.  All you would have to do is simply write down these coordinates for all of your corner points in a clockwise fashion as you move around your property and then email those coordinates to us as  For example if the spray area was a square you would start at one corner and work your way around the shape and have 4 sets of latitude and longitude coordinates to email us. 

For Google Earth Advanced Users...

     If the steps above seem to be simple, there is a little more advanced method of sending us your coordinates that does not involve writing anything down.  You would simply just have to click around your property in a clockwise fashion, save the file, and then email us that file directly and you would be finished.  This method is much faster, but may be confusing to some users who are not familiar with Google Earth and/or computers.  To follow this faster more advanced method please follow the detailed instructions found here.

  • If you are unfamiliar with your property boundaries, you can contact your local Real Property office at your local court house.  With your Tax Parcel Identification Number you can request a copy of your property boundaries and in most cases they can also provided you with the GPS coordinates of the corner points.
  • The last method of acquiring the coordinates of your spray area(s) is to take a handheld GPS and walk to the corner points and get a reading from each corner.


Already Have GIS Shape Files of The Spray Area?

     If you are on the larger scale type of area such as a County or City you can work with your local GIS representative to get the proper information.  All that we would need is the drawn shape file of the area that you would like to treat in one of two ellipsoids.  We would need the shape file sent to us in either a WGS-84 (NAD83) or a CLARKE-1866 (NAD27) Ellipsoid.



What we need & why?

Where to get Google Earth?

How to get coordinates & send?

Already have GIS shape files?

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