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     Duflo Spray Chemical was founded in 1955 as a result of a Maple Leaf Cutter outbreak and was owned by Thomas and Nancy Duflo.  As a result of this outbreak, a transition into crop spraying operations soon followed.  Around 1960, Black fly and Mosquito operations began with Municipalities in northern NY.  Twin engine aircraft were then added to increase safety while flying over Congested areas.  Duflo operations then specialized in Mosquito, Black fly, and Forest Insect control from 1970 all the way up to current times.  In 1980 Duflo pioneered the development of a specialized delivery system for the Piper Aztec.  Proofs of concept tests, for the hydraulically driven spray system were conducted and a successful test occurred February 4, 1982.   In 1983, Aircraft were equipped with the new Micromist 900 spray System.  Duflo spray Chemical Inc. was purchased by Jeff and Renee Duflo in 1985.   FAA approval and an STC were awarded to Duflo Aerospray Systems in January 9, 1986.  Later, on September 25, 1991 a Canadian STA was awarded to Duflo Aerospray Systems for the Micromist 900.  Our first Micromist 900 Equipped Aztec was delivered to Brevard County Florida in 1992.  During the 90s subsequent Micromist 900 equipped aircraft were delivered to Brazoria Co Texas, Ontario Canada, Osceola Co. Florida, Cameron Parish Louisiana, Comanche Iowa, Dewitt Arkansa, Charleston  SC., and to the State of Maryland.  Duflo has worked internationally in Ghana Africa, the Dominican Republic for USAID, Haiti, and in the Bahamas.  State of the art AgNav GPSs were added in 1996 when they first came available for Aerial Application aircraft.  Duflo helped develop a GPS System for large area mosquito control work in 1998.  Today, Duflo works for several private customers, municipalities, State, and Federal agencies. 





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